Great Initiate Foundation

GREAT INITIATE FOUNDATION, abbreviated as GIF. Our goal is centered mainly on Community Development and Volunteer-Based Programmes. We aim to work to uplift and better the lives of the socially excluded and socially disadvantaged groups of Children, Youth and Women in Ghana.

We are registered with the Registrar General Department as a non-governmental locally based organization located in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Our work is meant to improve opportunities for our target group by identifying and tackling various development gaps at the community level. We engage in direct implementation of exclusive community-based projects that seek to address the overhaul challenges of human rights abuse, poor sanitation, illiteracy, bad environmental practices, diseases, social & economic exclusion and poverty.

We support in removing development barriers and nurture cognitive and entrepreneurship thinking. We help them identify potentials and opportunities. We assist them channel these potentials into productive and profitable ventures.

We build innovative measures to improve the areas of Child Rights & Protection, WASH programmes, IT/ICT and Innovative Agriculture. In all programmes, we ensure initiatives that sharpens the mental and physical capabilities of beneficiaries to discontinue from behaviors and systems that lead to socioeconomic stagnation.

We have a team of qualified and experienced staff who design and implement projects with financial, technical and consultative assistance from donors, metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies, volunteers and stakeholders at the community level.

In other to effectively achieve our mission and objectives, the management has divided the foundation into three main divisions:

Project Date

Start Date: 2016-01-04

End Date: 2016-01-15