The Resource Foundation

The Resource Foundation is Ghanaian Non-Governmental Organization operating in the Western North Region of Ghana. We seek to promote sustainable livelihoods to deprived rural communities within a sustainable development change framework. Established in 2014, The Resource Foundation (TRF) supports rural communities in Forestry, community based natural resources management, environmental sustainability, local governance, Public Heath, water and sanitation, Gender Equality, health and hygiene promotion and education.

This is to help in the sustainable management of our natural resources, and participation and inclusion in local governance to promote socio-economic development. We have had a series of programs aimed at bringing communities closer to the protection and governance of forest and water bodies, and those seeking to bridge gaps in community and local development, and promote sanitation. We encourage communities to take action to minimize the adverse environmental impacts of their activities and to take advantage of opportunities for environmental improvement.

TRF works with government, community groups, partners and others to ensure that best practices are followed in the use of resources. We do not impose solutions but work with communities to strengthen their own efforts, making the most of their knowledge and experience, to improve their access to ecosystem services

Our Mission
To work with state and non-state actors to protect natural resources and vulnerable communities and implement projects and programmes with gender and participatory perspectives to ensure sustainable resource development process.
Our Vision
To render exclusive services that protect natural resources and empower vulnerable communities through a network approach that strengthens gender sensitivity and equality to secure livelihoods of deprived communities in natural resource locations.

Project Date

Start Date: 2019-01-31

End Date: 2019-02-08