Total Life Enhancement Centre

This organisation function both as a Non-governmental organisation (NGO) and a health service provider in the areas of Psychological/mental health and other health related services.

The organisation is guided by the biopsychosocial(s) model of health delivery.  Biopsychosocial (s) health services model consist of the following;

  1. Bio – Physical well-being managed with drugs/medicine.
  2. Psycho – Psychological/mental well-being managed with psychotherapy.
  3. Social – Social well-being managed with psychotherapy.
  4. Spiritual – Spiritual well-being connection with the Supreme Being/Meditation.
Our Mission

To be a Centre aimed at advocating and providing holistic health through localized and external competent approaches to our clients for a better psychosocial well-being to improve productivity and development.

Our Vision

To be centre that utilizes the Biopsychosocial(s) and scientist practitioner approaches to provide appropriate assessment and holistic healthcare promotion and delivery.

Project Date

Start Date: 2020-02-10

End Date: 2020-02-21